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Your Most Precious Asset Is Who You Are,
Not What You OwnTM

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What does it take to build a legacy of family wealth and family well-being?

Your family has financial success, whether you earned the money, inherited it, or won the lottery. Your biggest concerns are: How do you craft a shared vision for your family that endures for generations? How do you navigate the unique challenges of combining family and finances?

At Sankofa Legacy Advisors, we help you simplify the complexities and advance "the family side" of family wealth and family enterprise.

We help you overcome family dilemmas that are magnified by financial wealth, yet not addressed by traditional wealth management.

Talking about sensitive subjects can be uncomfortable - so you say nothing, or what comes out isn't what you intended to say.

Meaningful communication is essential to working together to manage and steward your family's shared assets.


Differences - in life stages, perspectives, and priorities- are inevitable, especially as your family grows in numbers.

How your family deals with differences will determine whether they divide you or make you stronger.


While humans are hard-wired to resist it, change is both unavoidable and an essential part of growth.

Knowing how to identify and navigate the patterns of discomfort that result from shifting roles and responsibilities eases the journey.

This is why families need leadership development, too.

Strong relationships are the missing piece of the generational success puzzle.

Yes, you want your financial resources to become transgenerational wealth. You want your family to be together, work together, and stay together. Individual family members need space to thrive, too.

sankofa legacy advisors is your partner in cultivating "the family side" of family wealth and family enterprise.
We help you develop connected and capable leaders who are engaged stewards of your family's financial and non-financial assets.

Approaches to managing your family’s wealth that focus primarily on growing and protecting financial assets are missing an essential piece of the puzzle – the family itself. Family is the heart of family enterprise and family wealth.

Your most precious asset is who you are individually and collectively, not what you own.

Whether your family business is an operating company, a family office, a philanthropic foundation, real estate, or other jointly owned assets, nurturing your family’s human capital is as vital to a transgenerational legacy of success as growing and protecting your financial assets.

Learn why strong family relationships
are critical to transgenerational success
The keys to sustaining generational wealth

Here is how we help you build a legacy of transgenerational success.

We work at the intersection of family systems, leadership development, and family  business. Family flourishing starts with individual family members. So, we use a multi-generational family systems approach, grounded in cutting-edge research and deep praxis, to support you in developing capable leaders with strong relationships.

Our services include:
Individual & Family Coaching
Have tough, purposeful conversations and make creative decisions

Develop a connected and capable family of engaged stewards who are guided by a shared commitment, consider big-picture context, and view challenges as growth opportunities.

Advising Family Advisors
Be a trusted advisor in navigating family relationship dilemmas

Differentiate yourself from other family advisors in your ability to manage relationships with client or owner families and to help them manage their relationships with each other.

Join forces with other women from Enterprising Families in a specialized leadership development program

Be the catalyst for the change you want to see within your family, with the support of this transformative online training, coaching, and community experience.

What Clients Say

The gift of working with Thomasina is that some things came to light that we hadn't necessarily recognized before.

When [my husband] died suddenly, it became even more apparent what a gift it was that we had been working with Thomasina.

- Susan McGlory Michel, Founder & CEO, Glen Eagle Wealth Management

Thomasina listens deeply and asks thought-provoking questions that have allowed me to connect critical dots in ways that I had not previously thought about; this is the mark of a valued strategic thought partner.

Her assistance has been invaluable in helping me navigate a complex journey of confusion and overwhelm to this place of clarity and excitement about the possibilities for myself, my family and our larger community.

- Family matriarch of three generations

Sankofa Legacy Advisors can help you navigate your unique family circumstances

Meet our Founder, Thomasina H. Williams

Thomasina H. Williams is a member of Forte, a cadre of vetted family advisors within the Family Wealth Alliance, a family office network that is part of financial giant Charles Schwab. She was also the first Family Dynamics Consultant hired by one of the largest private banks in the United States to support its ultra-high net worth clients in managing generational transitions.

Before beginning her work with Enterprising Families, Thomasina enjoyed a career as an award-winning lawyer and then as an accomplished philanthropy strategist.

Thomasina has created proprietary frameworks to support family members individually and collectively. She leads our multi-disciplinary consortium of industry-leading consultants in helping families, individuals, and advisors build transgenerational legacies of success.

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Relationships are the essence of family and the foundation of our work.

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We help families develop leaders to sustain both their financial wealth and their individual and collective well-being across generations.

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