Invest in your family like you invest in your business®
The FEW:
Family Enterprise Women™
You’re invited

an intimate gathering of
8 women

Sharing & Learning in Community

September 17th - 20th, 2024
Austin, TX


You are a powerhouse!

You’re committed to your personal growth and development.

You’ve been to women’s leadership development programs.
They didn’t speak to the complexities of jointly owning financial assets with family.

You’ve been to programs for family businesses, family offices or family foundations.
They didn’t speak to your unique interests and concerns as a woman.

At Sankofa Legacy Advisors, we get you.

We understand the challenges of being a woman in a family where family, business and ownership are intertwined.

That's why we're creating
The FEW:
Family Enterprise Women

to help you be
authentically you

The FEW: Family Enterprise Women is designed to be an emergent sanctuary where you:

  • Forge connections with similarly situated women
  • Share your triumphs and tribulations in a private, confidential, no-judgment setting
  • Learn proven frameworks, explore valuable resources, and practice applying them to your particular circumstances
  • Reap the benefits of coaching and community support, and
  • Have fun!

Retreat Agenda

The Science and Artistry of Awareness
Tuesday, September 17th
  • Starts 4:00 p.m. CT
  • Opening, Setting the Stage & Dinner
Wednesday, September 18th
  • Understanding Your Family as an Emotional System & Your Role Within It
  • Sketching Your Family Diagram to See Your Family & Your Role in It Differently
Thursday, September 19th
  • Navigating the ABCs & Patterns of Reactivity
  • Invoking the Power of Improv
Friday, September 20th
  • Closing & Brunch
  • Ends 12 noon, CT

As a result of your active participation in the Retreat, you will:

  • Gain new insights about yourself
  • Begin to see your family differently
  • Learn new tools, strategies, and ways of engaging that will help you:
    + Strengthen communication
    + Manage conflict
    + Navigate change
  • Realize that you're not the only one going through what you're going through
  • Connect with other women who are similarly situated and will support you on your journey
  • Advance your leadership

Your Investment

$3,997 includes:

Access to The FEW Retreat
3 Nights, King Deluxe Room, Hyatt Centric Austin
All Meals:
  • Dinner on Tuesday
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Wednesday & Thursday
  • Brunch on Friday
Retreat Content & Materials


Post-Retreat 1:1 Coaching Call with
Thomasina Williams, Strategic Thought Partner, Leadership & Legacy Coach
Post-Retreat 1:1 Coaching Call with
Jennifer MacMillan, Communications, Performance & Creativity Coach
Post-Retreat Group Check-in Call via Zoom on October 3rd, 2024
Ongoing recognition as one of the inaugural FEW and discounts on all future programming

What Prior Retreat Participants Say

(Not a retreat for The FEW. Names not included to protect participants' privacy.)
I learned so many things. One of the most important is that it only takes one person to change – and I can be that person.  
Thomasina’s retreat changed my life.  It really helped me focus on communication with my mom in a different way, and  to see things from her perspective. Our relationship is so much better now.
I realized that I can improve our family business operations by changing how I communicate with staff and being clear with everyone about what I want.
The family diagram exercise put things in context in a way I’d never focused on before.
I’ve started to shape my identity separate from my mom and still be in relationship with her.

Retreat Faculty

Your Host

Founder, Sankofa Legacy Advisors
Creator, The FEW
Strategic Thought Partner
Leadership & Legacy Coach

Opens eyes, minds, and hearts, helping families develop leaders to sustain generational wealth and well-being

  • 3rd generation of family whose business and wealth was lost in the 2nd generation
  • Long-time practitioner of Bowen Family Systems Theory
  • Wells Fargo Private Bank’s first in-house Family Dynamics Consultant
  • Member, Forte, a cadre of vetted family advisors within the Family Wealth Alliance, a family office network that is part of financial giant Charles Schwab
  • Board Member, Purposeful Planning Institute
  • Board Member, SIY Global
  • Board Member, Advancement Project Education Fund
  • Member, The Florida Bar

Inspirational performance artist, educator, coach and communication expert who leverages creativity to drive transformational behavior change

  • Coaches public speakers, thought leaders and executives to bring greater clarity and impact to their message and deliver compelling performances of that message
  • Theater and improvisation artist
  • Award-winning published playwright
  • Speech writer
  • Performance and higher education faculty
  • Designer of innovative curricula, trainings, and workshops
  • Podcast producer
  • Certifications:
Leadership, Cornell University
Holistic Health Coaching, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Crisis Communications and Media Training, Institute of Crisis Management

Guest Faculty

MacMillan Consulting, LLC
Communications, Performance
& Creativity Coach

What Prior Retreat Participants Say

(Not a retreat for The FEW. Names not included to protect participants' privacy.)

I returned home willing to be the person to start
the conversations that my family has been avoiding.

I initiated conversations with both of my parents that might not have happened otherwise. It was incredibly uncomfortable, but I did it.

My relationships with my parents are works in progress, with an emphasis on “progress”.  It has required me working on myself and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place as a result of attending Thomasina’s retreat and what I’ve learned from her.
I’m finding the courage to be my authentic self with my family.


Who are The FEW and the retreat for? What if I don’t work in my family’s business or we no longer have an operating business?
Do you offer a discount if I register more than one person?
What is the refund policy?
What about confidentiality? How will you ensure that is shared and what happens at the retreat stays at the retreat?
What support is available after the retreat?
What if I have other questions?

We help families develop leaders to sustain both their financial wealth and their individual and collective well-being across generations.

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