17 Sep

The FEW: Family Enterprise Women Retreat

Forge connections with similarly situated women and learn proven frameworks for your particular circumstances.

Starting Time:

September 17, 2024

Ending Time

September 17, 2024

You are a powerhouse!

You’re committed to your personal growth and development.

You’ve been to women’s leadership development programs.
They didn’t speak to the complexities of jointly owning financial assets with family.

You’ve been to programs for family businesses, family offices or family foundations.
They didn’t speak to your unique interests and concerns as a woman.

At Sankofa Legacy Advisors, we get you.

We understand the challenges of being a woman in a family where family, business and ownership are intertwined.

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Jun 25
June Free Workshop - The FEW: Family Enterprise Women, The ABCs and Patterns of Reactivity

What if your own transformation could be the catalyst for the change you want to see in your family?

We help families develop leaders to sustain both their financial wealth and their individual and collective well-being across generations.

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