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Benefit from training, coaching, and community support to have difficult family conversations manage generational leadership transitions navigate the complexities of combining family and finances

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The only leadership development program for women in Enterprising Families that offers you the time and support to apply what you learn to your unique circumstances

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Concerned about:

Perhaps you're uneasy as one who:

Aging parents with health challenges who refuse to talk about estate planning?
Married into the family and finds the boundaries unclear and the expectations overwhelming.
Deciding leadership succession of your business between your children?
Is a next generation member who feels pressure to join or stay in the family business when your heart isn’t in it.
The strain on family relationships over political and social polarization?
Is an owner who’s never worked in the business and doesn’t have access to the same information as those owners who do work in the business.
What if your own transformation could be the catalyst for the change you want to see in your family? The better you are at leading yourself,  the more effective you’ll be as a center of influence within your family.
The FEW can show you how.
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The FEW is an emerging safe space based on our proprietary leadership development framework, Leadership & Legacy Reimagined™.

Why "Reimagined"?

When most people think of “leadership,” they think of leading others by virtue of a position or title.  And “legacy” is most often characterized as something you leave behind when you die.

The FEW invites you to reimagine what’s possible when you:

Turn your focus inward and concentrate on leading yourself. It’s analogous to “putting on your own oxygen mask first.”

Recognize that your legacy is defined by what you do today. The more purposeful you are now, the more phenomenal your legacy will be.

The FEW offers you leadership training, coaching, and community support to help transform what’s possible for you into reality.

Up-level your leadership.
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The first step is to broaden and deepen your awareness.

An expanded awareness will help you evoke the confidence and courage to:

Have difficult family conversations.
Manage generational leadership transitions.
Navigate the complexities of combining family and finances.
Like an onion, there are multiple layers of awareness.

Through our immersive 8-week program,
Intro to Leadership & Legacy Reimagined™: 3 Layers of Expanded Awareness,
you will cultivate:

Systems Awareness of Context

A broader understanding of your multi-generational family context will help you see yourself, others, and circumstances in a different light. New possibilities will begin to emerge. You’ll be able to have the conversations you need to have and make or influence the decisions that need to be made.

Symbiotic Awareness of Relationships

You’ll be empowered to assume agency over your relationships when you recognize that you play a role in co-creating them. You’ll go from being reluctant to have difficult conversations to being confident to engage.

Somatic Awareness of Self

Humans react to each other unconsciously and experience this reactivity as automatic physical sensations. You’ll learn to recognize these physical indicators, what triggers them, and and how to respond in challenging situations.

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What makes The FEW different?

Most other programs you may have tried either focused on women or on family businesses or family wealth. Not many programs are designed specifically to address the unique circumstances of women like you who are also members of an Enterprising Family.

The limited number of such programs that do exist:

Lean heavily, if not exclusively, toward women who work in their family business or aspire to do so.
Consist primarily of lectures and people talking at you with little, if any, opportunity to apply what you heard to your situation.
Last only a couple of days, at most.
Are delivered to mass audiences.
The FEW offers you more.

The FEW is open to all women within an Enterprising Family

Whether you own all, part, or none of the family business or wealth.

Whether you have management responsibilities for family financial assets, or not.

Whether you were born, adopted, or married into the family.

Up-level your leadership.
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The FEW goes beyond simply what to do. We show you how to do it.

The program is 8 weeks, with a bonus session 3 weeks later. So, you’ll have ample time to apply what you learn.

We walk alongside you with the support of both group and one-on-one coaching to ensure your specific needs are addressed.

Each cohort is limited to no more than 8 women. So, your experience will be an intimate one.

The FEW is designed to facilitate lasting change and true transformation.

Up-level your leadership.
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The 8-week program includes:
The FEW 8 week program includes: Family Systems Training, Group Coaching, 1-on-1 Coaching, Curated Private Community, Supplemental Resources
Bonuses include:
FEW 8 week program bonuses: daily inspiration, integration check-in, and content access

You'll learn the principles, strategies, and tools by applying them to your own unique situation.

Expect to learn:

How to slow down, pay closer attention, and be more purposeful.
How to focus on facts, rather than interpretations and judgments.
How to identify the 4 default patterns of behavior that people unconsciously resort to in reaction to real or perceived threat.
How to disrupt those undesirable patterns and act from a place of choice.
How to tap into the innate wisdom of your body as a resource to better manage yourself in challenging situations.
How to manage yourself so you can have the conversations you need to have and make or influence the decisions you need to make.
Up-level your leadership.
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Program Schedule

Program Flow
Preparing On Your Own
Beginning the Journey
Weekly Group Calls

  2 Individual   
   Coaching Sessions  
Forging Community. Mapping the Journey
The What, Why & How of Awareness
What’s Reactivity Got to Do With It?
Systems Awareness of Context
Symbiotic Awareness of Relationships
Somatic Awareness of Self
The Finale
3-Week Integration Check-In Group Call

The FEW is for you if…

You’re a “both/and” kinda woman. You want to pursue your personal purpose and passions, while you also build a connected and capable family.
You’re a lifelong learner willing to work on yourself, even if you think others have work to do, too.
You’re willing to move beyond your comfort zone, because you recognize that’s where growth happens.
You value community and want to actively co-create a supportive community of women who share the experience of being members of an Enterprising Family.

You agree to:

Confidentiality and to respect others’ privacy.
Community Commitments as a co-creator of the experience.
Active participation, coming to each session having completed that week’s module and prepared to engage.
Up-level your leadership.

What Clients Say

Until recently, I had been estranged from my only sibling.

Thanks to Thomasina, he and I talk all the time now and enjoy a relationship in our Baby Boomer years that neither of us thought possible.

She helped us open the door to better communication and a stronger relationship, and she encouraged and supported us to walk through it.
3rd generation female family business owner who’s never worked in the family business
When you’re that close to it, you can’t see what other people see.

And so, the gift of working with [Thomasina] is that we can bring into light some things that we don’t necessarily recognize.
Female business founder with some adult children working in her business & some not
Thomasina’s program … changed my life. [It] really helped me to focus on communication with my mother in a different way.
2nd generation female family member & non-owner working in her mom’s business

Meet your coach and guide

Thomasina’s personal passion and professional mission is to help families develop connected and capable leaders. A member of an Enterprising Family, an accomplished lawyer, and philanthropy strategist, Thomasina’s drive to be a resource for families is fueled by her own family’s history.

Her grandparents were wealthy citrus growers who were so prominent that the neighborhood where she grew up is named after them. True to the “shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations” phenomenon whereby 70 to 90 percent of families lose their wealth during generational transitions, her family’s wealth was lost during her mother’s generation. Family relationships were fractured in the process. Thomasina is on a quest to course-correct her family’s trajectory.

Image of Thomasina Williams
Thomasina H. Williams
Founder, Sankofa Legacy Advisors
Creator, The FEW

Her journey has led her to support other families seeking to beat the odds and sustain enduring legacies of financial and family well-being.

Prior to founding Sankofa Legacy Advisors, Thomasina was the first Family Dynamics Consultant hired by one of the largest private banks in the U.S. She went in-house and played a leadership role in creating a new service offering to help the bank’s ultra-high-net worth clients navigate the complexities of combining family and finances.

Currently, she serves on the Advisory Board of the Purposeful Planning Institute, the Board of SIY Global, and the Advisory Board of Enterprising Women magazine.

Selected Credentials

FFI | GEN Advanced Certificate
Galliard Institute FBAC Family Business Advisor Seal
Resilient Leadership logo

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will the program require?
What if I miss a session? Are the sessions recorded?
How much does the program cost?
What is the refund policy?
If this is the introductory program, what comes next?
Up-level your leadership.

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We help families develop leaders to sustain both their financial wealth and their individual and collective well-being across generations.

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